Santa Rosa Winery, Wine Tasting Rooms, Winery Events, Best Wineries in Sonoma County

Santa Rosa Winery, Wine Tasting Rooms, Winery Events, Best Wineries in Sonoma County

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Reserve Wine List 2019

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2017 Wine Releases

We are kicking off this summer with new wines! At the beginning of June we bottled 2017 vintages of wine club exclusive Sangiovese, our acclaimed Super Tuscan Red Blend, and for the first time have Italian varieties of Negroamaro and Dolcetto. The overall philosophy of the 2017 harvest was to pick earlier in the season, at a much lower sugar concentration while maintaining bright acids and vitality. Then ten strong months in New French Oak barrels, these wines became multidimensional and yet approachable. To keep the integrity of these wines, we recommend holding them for a minimum of three to twelve months, prior to drinking them. All new releases are available for purchase at both our Santa Rosa Winery and Burbank Wine Room. Thank you for being patrons of the D’Argenzio Family Winery!

2017 Sant’Angelo Sangiovese
DeNatale Vineyard, Russian River Valley
The 2017 Sant’Angelo Sangiovese brandishes its ripe medium bodied cherry notes with a significant yet approachable acidity. Its grapes originate from DeNatale Vineyard located in the Russian River Valley where this past summer’s mild climate was complemented by a few short bursts of heat aiding in a riper and juicier profile. To top it all off, the grapes resided under canopies of shade culminating its bright and acidic structure. For the Pinot drinker that wants just a little more.
Wine Club Exclusive; $42/bottle

2017 Dolcetto
Foxhill Vineyard, Mendocino County
A harder to find grape varietal in California, our Dolcetto grapes hail from Foxhill Vineyards in Mendocino County where early warmer days in the growing season ripen theses berries perfectly. It is furthermore characterized by rich fruitiness complemented by a quintessential balance that takes form of earthy tones interchanged with the Italian portion of “Dolce”.

2017 Super Tuscan Red Blend
Always a crowd pleaser, our Super Tuscan is a superb blend of four different varieties, which come from four of the best barrels selected by our winemaker Sandro Tamburin. Our Sangivese holds the body of this blend while the Cabernet brings structure and the Negroamaro and Dolcetto provide tannin and aroma. This one is worth keeping for a while.

2017 Negroamaro
Foxhill Vineyard, Mendocino County
The Negroamaro is a grape varietal that originally derives from the Puglia region of Italy, a region that is known to accommodate sweltering heat for a large part of the year. Therefore, the Negroamaro grape which roughly translates to ‘black and bitter’ in Italian is known to be a big wine with an immense yet refined tannic structure. D’Argenzio Winery has reversed this notion, by harvesting this fruit much earlier and producing a lower alcohol wine with great acidity and aroma. Perfect for your everyday table wine.

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Wine Lists

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Current Release Price List

Current Release Price List

Reserve Wine List

Attached is our Reserve Wine List, which includes the D’Argenzio Family’s personal stash of their favorite wines. These wines have been aged for many years, and we periodically taste them to enjoy their development  over time. We hope you find them interesting and enjoyable too!

Some recent personal favorites (tasted over the last couple months):
2005 Sangiovese D’Alfonso, Sonoma Valley
2008 Petite Sirah, Russian River Valley
2004 Zinfandel, Tom Feeney Ranch, 84 year old vines, Russian River Valley
2004 Zinfandel, Bacigalupi Vineyard, Russian River Valley

Reserve Wine List – Click Here

April 8, 2019 Breanna D'Argenzio
Breanna D'Argenzio