Santa Rosa Winery, Wine Tasting Rooms, Winery Events, Best Wineries in Sonoma County

Santa Rosa Winery, Wine Tasting Rooms, Winery Events, Best Wineries in Sonoma County


Ray D’Argenzio: It was in the cabinet shop that belonged to our Papa, Alfonso A. D’Argenzio, where we began making wine as a hobby. After years working in my Papa’s shop in Burbank, we decided to relocate to Santa Rosa to create a second cabinet shop and expand the D’Argenzio realm. In 1994, our inquisitive bambino Anthony, wondered aloud to us why we didn’t do something with the grapes that covered our beautiful surroundings in our home in Sonoma County. This prompted the idea of the Winery – and a true tribute to our Italian heritage. We began inside the shop, with 200 pounds of Dry Creek Valley grapes and a modest vintage of 150 cases of Old Vine Zinfandel.

Today, the cabinet shop in Santa Rosa is transformed into a bonded full production boutique winery making a modest 3,000 cases annually of several varietals. Visit our wine page for a more in-depth look into our devoted winemaking process.


We trace our roots to St. Angelo Cancelli, a mountain town outside of Naples, Italy, where our ancestors were honored artisans who created ornate works of silver for the noble families of Italy’s Campania region.

Our wine label pays tribute to this heritage, as well as the heritage of our Mama Rose, incorporating the Loiodice Family Crest from Puglia region of Italy.  The family name, D’Argenzio, meaning, ‘people of silver’, is represented in our label with the use of silver writing. Years of cabinetry are reflected in the label’s structure continuing our signature brand. The timeless values of Old World craftsmanship have been carried forward to this day by our Papa, Alfonzo A. D’Argenzio, a master craftsman for over half a century. He taught us well. This proud tradition of creating works of artisan beauty and lasting quality is deep-rooted in us, in our very hearts and souls. It is an essential ingredient in the premium Italian-style wines created by today’s D’Argenzio family.

July 14, 2023 Breanna D'Argenzio
Breanna D'Argenzio