Santa Rosa Winery, Wine Tasting Rooms, Winery Events, Best Wineries in Sonoma County

Santa Rosa Winery, Wine Tasting Rooms, Winery Events, Best Wineries in Sonoma County

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D’Argenzio Wine Room – Southern California, Burbank

Our Burbank Wine Tasting Room offers Southern California something surprisingly distinctive: exclusive wines from the world-class Sonoma County wine region in Northern California. Our wines are produced and bottled at our own family-owned winery in Santa Rosa, and are carefully transported to the Burbank Wine Room, run by Winemaker Ray’s twin brother, Ricci, and his wife, Kathy D’Argenzio.

The location has been host to D’Argenzio tradition for more than 65 years. The original cabinet shop, created by Alfonso D’Argenzio (father of Ray and Ricci) in 1947 is still an integral part of the family operated facility. While Al and Ricci still dedicate some of their time to the cabinet shop, Ricci now focuses more of his time on the Enoteca Tasting Room, using the vast space as a wonderful venue for hosting private and public events.

D’Argenzio Wine Room is currently offering Curbside Pickup and Shipment Orders: Click Here to Make an Online Order through our Burbank Wine Room in Southern California location.

Each Thursday evening, the Wine Room is open to the public for “Wine Down Thursday”  from 4-9 PM.

Monday – Wednesday: 9am – 5pm (Sales Only)
Wednesday – Saturday 4:30pm – 9pm
Sunday: CLOSED


For groups of less than 8 guests, reservations are not required, but they are appreciated.

For groups of 8 or more guests, or for private party bookings and other venue reservations, please contact us.
818-846-VINO (8466)
Please indicate you are interested in our Burbank location. Please include your name, quantity of guests, and your preferred date and time.

Visit our Burbank Wine Room’s Facebook Page page for our upcoming events.

Burbank Enoteca Tasting Room
818-846-VINO (8466)
1204 West Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91506 (Directions)

Richard D’Argenzio
818-640-5712 – Direct

March 28, 2023 Breanna D'Argenzio
Breanna D'Argenzio