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D’Argenzio Winery’s Bocce Ball League

Currently this Summer Bocce Ball League is set to begin on July 7th, 2016 with the registration deadline being July 1st, 2016. If you are interested in being a member of our this upcoming season, please REGISTER HERE.

The D’Argenzio Family Winery is proud to celebrate part of their heritage with you. Since our inception into popular culture by the Romans, the Italians later adopted the game, translating the original term ‘boules’ (bowl) into what is now known as ‘bocce’. Growing in popularity in areas where Italian immigrants had begun to reside inside America, it was the father of Ray, Don Alfonso D’Argenzio who became notoriously known in his community for bringing the game to their neighborhood. In a small subsection of Burbank, Ca, Don Alfonso took it upon himself to transform a local park into a bocce hangout. Eventually, the park went from a dirt field to a four-court Bocce League that played on the weekends. Years passed, and as Ray D’Argenzio began to construct his Winery, he wanted to incorporate his love of heritage and memories and place a bocce ball court on-site for his guests to enjoy. It is not two decades later and we are proud to have our very own Bocce Ball League that pays homage to the roots of the D’Argenzio family. Focused on enjoyment, we encourage our Bocce League players to simply have fun! New and experienced players welcome!

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The goal and aim of the D’Argenzio Winery Bocce Ball League is to encourage friendly matches in a nurturing and encouraging atmosphere while still garnering a fun and socially competitive spirit!

The league works as follows: D’Argenzio Winery’s Bocce Ball League is held at their Santa Rosa Winery. Every team will play each other once. Seasons run approximately 3-4 months. It is after the regular season play that Playoffs then commence. Running in a bracket formation, the league plays a single-elimination structure, eventually crowning one team champion. The winning team will have their team name engraved on the D’Argenzio’s perpetual Bocce Ball Trophy. Teams are comprised of 4-6 players. We have found more than 6 players becomes too much to ensure that everyone gets to play an even amount.

The Bocce League plays on either Thursday evenings at 7pm or Sunday afternoons at 3pm (whichever day you choose as your preferred play date), Thursday games will be during our weekly Wine Down Thursday event. Games run approximately 45 minutes and are a best-of-three match game. Three matches create one game, and each match is finished when a team is the first to reach 7 points.

We encourage players of all ages to join! We are family and animal friendly.
No outside alcoholic beverages allowed.

We are constantly working on improving our Bocce Ball League as well as amping up the prizes at the end of the year. We would love to hear feedback on our previous seasons, compliments as well as constructive criticism.
We appreciate your comments as they will help us improve.


1301 Cleveland Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
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January 22, 2024 Breanna D'Argenzio
Breanna D'Argenzio