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~ Spring 2012 ~


The Spring League has officially ended! A big congratulatory cheer to our winners, Drive Stronzo. They had the gusto to persevere through our biggest season yet! Ousting seven other teams while staying undefeated, they headed all the way to the top and will earn the right to have their name engraved on our Perpetual Trophy to be held here in the Santa Rosa Tasting Room!

Drive Stronzo - Spring 2012 Champs

Drive Stronzo – Spring 2012 Champs

The season began on April 12th and ran through June 10th. The playoffs were then set, and took place on June 23rd & 24th.

WEEK 1: (W) Bocce Babes VS Gumbas (L)

WEEK 2: (W) Aztec Warriors VS Euros (L)

WEEK 3: (W) Bocce Babes VS Colavita (L)

WEEK 4: (W) Red Rollers VS Che Sirah (L) & (W) Aztec Warriors VS Bocce Babes (L)

WEEK 5: (W) Colavita VS Gumbas (L)

WEEK 6: (W) Immigrants VS Euros (L) & (W) Drive Stronzo VS Bocce Blenders (L)

WEEK 7: (W) Bocce Babes VS Gumbas (L)

WEEK 8: (W) Colavita VS Red Rollers (L)

WEEK 9: (W) Drive Stronzo VS Che Sirah (L)

WEEK 10: (W) Bocce Blenders VS Immigrants (L) & (W) Colavita VS Bocce Babes (L)

WEEK 11: (W) Red Rollers VS Colavita (L) & (W) Drive Stronzo VS Immigrants (L)

WEEK 12: (W) Colavita VS Red Rollers (L) & (W) Euros VS Aztec Warriors (L)





Bocce Babes –

1. Theresa Dewees

2. Marlene Catti

3. Jenner Ninemires

4. Cheryl Richardson


Aztec Warriors –

1. Silvia Andrade

2. Maria Alvarez

3. Anthony Schinaman

4. Marco Alvarez

5. Taylor Scott


Euros –

1. Lynn Connolly

2. Susan Ruffner

3. Jackie Senter

4. John Gnam


Gumbas –

1. Raymond D’Argenzio

2. Jim Kerr

3. Catherina Ratto

4. Gary Levy


The Immigrants –

1. Frank Palladino

2. Audrey Palladino

3. Terri Palladino

4. Greg Smith


Red Rollers –

1. Brenda Ayres

2. Stewart Ayres

3. David Lim

4. Nikki Lim


Bocce Blenders –

1. Randy Earlandson

2. Katie Earlandson

3. Matt Kane

4. Bryan Long

5. Leeanna Kane


Drive Stronzo –

1. Mike DeWald

2. Steve Vicario

3. Michael Hayes



Colavita –

1. Michael Boehme

2. Phil Heiman

3. Caroline Hughes

4. Geovanni


Che Sirah –

1. Teresa Jackson

2. Mark Gold

3. Michael Lindsay

4. Marlica Young

September 17, 2022 Breanna D'Argenzio
Breanna D'Argenzio