Santa Rosa Winery, Wine Tasting Rooms, Winery Events, Best Wineries in Sonoma County

Santa Rosa Winery, Wine Tasting Rooms, Winery Events, Best Wineries in Sonoma County

Italian Harvest Party
Our Italian Country Harvest Party is held annually on the first Saturday of October each year, and we hold nothing back! Be there as we celebrate the end of Grape Harvest in Sonoma County with an all-out shindig to relax and unwind after months of sleepless nights and strenuous mornings in the fields. This is the D’Argenzio family’s way of paying tribute to all of our Wine Club Members, customers, and friends with a complimentary catered dinner and wine tasting all evening. Be part of our family as all 24 D’Argenzio family members make their annual pilgrimage to the Santa Rosa Tasting Room as we uncork every wine from our Current Portfolio (last year there were 28 different bottles open!), we also carry non-alcoholic beverages. Enjoy live music/entertainment while you dance the night away on our terrazzo. Form a pick-up game on our Bocce Ball Court before roasting a s’more at the end of the evening while basking under the moonlight. There will also be a Grape Stomping competition where you will have the opportunity to put your stomping prowess to good use as you race against other competitors to win a complimentary bottle of wine from the grapes you helped crush!

Open to all ages, and while we are dog-friendly we do recommend leaving Fido at home as there will be plenty of food around, children, and distractions. Stay updated by joining our e-mail list, see when the next D’Argenzio Winery Event is coming up!

$60 per Guest

Primo VIP Member – 4 Complimentary Tickets
Primo I Members – 2 Complimentary Tickets
Primo Piccolo Members – 1 Complimentary Ticket

Please RSVP by September 20th, 2014

July 14, 2023 Breanna D'Argenzio
Breanna D'Argenzio