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James “The Wine Guy” Melendez Reviews D’Argenzio

A big thanks to James “The Wine Guy” Melendez for stopping by our winery weeks back. This extremely knowledgeable individually was gracious enough to give our wines a try and feature them on his YouTube channel. For those unfamiliar James is a wine enthusiast who posts videos in which he reviews and critically analyzes wines for consumers and fans alike. His passion and enthusiasm for this wonderful industry/lifestyle oozes through his pores as his eyes light up and smile widens the further he delves into each review. Using every facet possible, his informational mediums transpose from literature bound ramblings into a passionate pursuit of a fountain full of knowledge and insight. With well over 1,300 videos in his YouTube channel, you might be hard pressed to find anything missing from his repertoire. Basing his topics from individual bottle reviews, and appellation overviews, to travel insight and wine conventions/gatherings documentation, he leaves no proverbial stone unturned.

James posted two videos featuring D’Argenzio’s wine, the first of which (check it out HERE) is a critical overview of his take on our Wine Club Exclusive 2012 Tocai Friulano from Mendocino County. His second video (check it out HERE) overviews some of California’s lesser know appellations, such as the Tracy Hills AVA, where our larger Italian varities are found, such as the Aglianico, Montepulciano, and Sagrantino.

Thanks again for the kind words, James! For more information on the walking-encyclopedia-of-a-man please check out his website and social media.

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January 22, 2024 Breanna D'Argenzio
Breanna D'Argenzio